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Finishing First

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What We Do

Years of Web Success

Finishing First is a full service web design, development and management company.

Finishing First will design and develop a competitive, usable site for your business.

We offer training, classes, usability studies, Section 508 Accessibility checks, web design, graphics, Multimedia, databases, web programming, web applications, functional analysis and specs, business requirements and consulting services.

Need a Quick Fix?

Like your web site but you've been told it isn't accessible or has problems? Getting complaints that your site doesn't work in certain browsers or that some pages aren't showing up correctly? Finishing First can find the solutions and implement quick fixes to keep your web site up and running for all your potential users.

Need Content Management?

Whether you need help selecting the right Content management System (CMS) for you, setting it up, customizing, new modules developed or the content managed, Finishing First can help. We have experience with the best of the systems including lifeRay, Moveable Type, Word Press, Drupal and Documentum. We can also train you to administer/manage your own content within the system without learning HTML or any other supporting web language. That's what makes Content management Systems great for any size site, even if a volunteer is maintaining it.

What Kind of Experience Do We Have?

We've been in business since 1995 and work with all sizes of companies from small home businesses to corporations. With a proven track record and an understanding of the web gleaned from years of working on internet, intranet and extranet sites, our professional staff can develop a web presence that will work for you and your users.

We take usability seriously. Our designs are developed with your business and your User Base in mind. Each web site is designed specifically for you with your own Look and Feel and features that work for you. We will add no unneeded "fluff" to distract from the purpose of your site and your users' experience. Finishing First understands that your users want the information they came for and that if it's not quickly found, will leave to never return. Finishing First stays current on all the Section 508 Accessibility rules and the latest in usability and accessibility white papers. Making your site accessible and usable for all possible users is an important part of our mission.

Finishing First can develop the flashy items that a high tech gaming site needs or the heavy graphics that an art studio needs. Our Multimedia is designed for your users without bogging down or frustrating them with slow loading splash screens. We strongly believe in a sound reason and ease of use for everything we develop to enhance your site.

Please read through our pages and contact us if you have any questions. If you are a non-profit organization that needs help with your web presence, please contact us for information on our volunteer services.

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